Cron Jobs: Ultimate Guide

Cron jobs are an essential tool for automating repetitive tasks in Unix-like operating systems. With their flexible scheduling capabilities, cron jobs allow users to effortlessly schedule and execute commands or scripts at specific intervals or times. Whether it’s performing routine system maintenance, generating reports, or updating databases, cron jobs provide a reliable and efficient way … Read more

How to find OS details in Linux

To find the operating system details in different Linux flavors, you can use various commands in the terminal. Here are some examples: These are just a few examples, but there are many other commands and variations depending on the distribution and version you are using. The codes (if any) mentioned in this post can be … Read more

Everything About /etc/hosts File

The /etc/hosts file is a text file used by the operating system to map hostnames to IP addresses. It is an important system file that is used to resolve hostnames to IP addresses when a DNS server is not available or when you want to override the default DNS resolution. When a user enters a … Read more