How to use FastAPI Routers

The endpoint is one of the most important aspects when we plan to design an API. The endpoint is the entry point that is used by clients to send requests and receive responses. In this article we will see how Pro’s use endpoints and how you can write and manage fastAPI endpoints for small as … Read more

Understanding HTTP Requests

In the context of APIs built using FastAPI, an HTTP request is a message sent by a client to a server, specifying the action it wants the server to perform. HTTP requests typically contain information such as the request method, URL, headers, and optionally, a message body. FastAPI supports various types of HTTP requests, including … Read more

Mastering FastAPI Step By Step

You want to master FastAPI & Rest API’s? Good Decision. Nowadays, the exchange of information between different software applications is crucial for seamless functionality and efficient operations. This exchange is facilitated by Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). In this article, we’ll delve into what APIs are, why they are necessary, and explore the concepts of REST … Read more