About Outshine Labs

Outshine Labs started out of a vision that there is a huge gap between what the Indian education system teaches and what the industry needs. This has created a scarcity in the country which resulted in huge unemployment. Although there are many institutes that provide job-oriented training in the country but there were 4 major problems with all the institutes.

They all charge huge course fee from candidates,
Their courses are not regularly updated with the ever-changing industry trends,
They don’t provide real customer projects and real corporate environment,
They just provide placement assistance and not assured placements.

While there is no problems with charging hefty fees, we see it as extra burden on candidate because by the time candidates has started searching for jobs they might have already spent huge amount of money on his/her education. We have seen so many ambitious and hard working talents in country but because of poor or inappropriate education and skills they never get a job.

Education System in India is highly monotonous and is driven by the mindset of making money. We felt a need for a educational institute which can focus on educating rather than on making money. Unfortunately, when we started searching for such an institute, we could not find a single such institute in country, which propelled us to create Outshine Labs.

Outshine Labs provides free quality educational contents to the users. All the courses of Outshine Labs have been prepared by project managers and team leads of IT companies and its always updated with time to compete with the best in the industry. While most of the institutes focus on theoretical concepts, Outshine Labs focuses on corporate course requirements.

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