Providing Jobs to the Unemployed

How It Started?


Outshine Labs started out of a vision of  Mr. Ashish Jha who felt that there is a huge gap between what Indian education system teaches and what the industry needs. This has created a scarcity in the country which resulted in huge unemployment. Although there are many institutes who provide job oriented training in the country but there were 4 major problems with all the institutes.

  • They all charge huge course fee from candidates,
  • Their courses are not regularly updated with the ever changing industry trends,
  • They don’t provide real customer projects and real corporate environment,
  • They just provide placement assistance and not assured placements.

While there is no problems with charging hefty fees, we see it as extra burden on candidate because by the time candidates has started searching for jobs they might have already spent huge amount of money on his/her education. We have seen so many ambitious and hard working talents in country but because of poor or inappropriate education and skills they never get a job.

Education System in India is highly monotonous and is driven by the mindset of making money. We felt a need for a educational institute which can focus on educating rather than on making money. Unfortunately, when we started searching for such an institute, we could not find a single such institute in country, which propelled us to create Outshine Labs.

What’s different about Outshine Labs :

Since Outshine Labs formed with a social responsibility and formed with a aim to create a organization where we can remove all the above 4 problems, it was very tough to get started.

  • Outshine Labs does not charge any fee for training and its totally free of cost,
  • There courses are regularly updated as per industry trends,
  • Outshine Labs provide real customer projects and real corporate environment to trainees,
  • Outshine Lab provides assured placements to all the trainees.

Outshine Labs provides ‘free training’ to the qualified candidates. Providing free training is extremely challenging as it requires huge money to provide training. Fortunately we got sponsorships, funding and donations from Outshine Group and different companies who also support our vision and cause.More companies are joining hands with Outshine Labs to support us in one way or another.

All the courses of Outshine Labs have been prepared by project managers and team leads of IT companies and its always updated with time to compete with the best in the industry.  While most of the institutes focus on theoretical concepts, Outshine Labs focuses on corporate course requirements.

One of the major problems of institutes is that they do not provide real industry exposure to the candidates. They do not know how things work in a company and what is expected from them when working in a team. Outshine Labs expose the trainees to the real customer projects where they have opportunity to communicate with clients and work in a similar environment in which a company’s employees work.

Jobs to all trainees after successful

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completion of course is one of the most challenging tasks. With our tie-ups with various companies, we ensure that all the trained candidates immediately get a job appointment letter without waiting. Successful candidates gain enough knowledge that they compete with the best in the industry and thus job becomes a piece of cake for Outshiners. In fact, most of the trained candidates on an average have at-least have 2 jobs offers by the time they complete the training.

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