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ionCube php encoder partnership


ionCube Ltd. partners with Outshine Labs and offering discount on licensing for the PHP Encoder

OutshineLabs has partnered with ionCube Ltd., a name that is reckoned in the industry as the leading provider of encoding solutions for PHP. The solution provider solely provides quality, reliable and affordable solutions for protection of application, technology and other PHP based intellectual property.

ionCube Ltd. is a UK based software company that has been developing software applications since 2002 to protect software written using PHP from being viewed, changes and run on unlicensed computers.

PHP Encoder from ionCube protects the applications and user data by encryption and licensing. Users need to buy license to use the tool to encrypt their software.

About PHP Encoder

PHP Encoder allows to protect PHP source code from anauthorised observation, theft and modification by compiling to bytecode. PHP Encoder is available in three editions – Basic, Pro and Cerberus. Features of Pro and Cerberus allow licensing PHP scripts to conteol where PHP code runs and files can also have a time expiry. It can also encrypt non PHP code such as XML.

With the ionCube Encoder, you can…

    • Encode PHP scripts with compiled bytecode for best performance and protection.
    • Full PHP language support including PHP 5.5 (4, 5, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5) language features.
    • Encrypt non-PHP files such as XML and templates.
    • Generate license files to restrict access to encoded files (Pro/Cerberus editions).
    • Enable obfuscation of variables and function, method and class names.
    • Encode PHP shell scripts.
    • Prevent file tampering through use of digital signatures.
    • Prevent replacement of files by unauthorised ones.
    • Generate files to expire on a given date or after a time period (Pro/Cerberus editions).
    • Restrict files to run on any combination of IP addresses and/or server names (Pro/Cerberus editions).
    • Restrict files to run on specific MAC addresses (Cerberus edition).
    • Integrate with the ionCube Package Foundry.
    • Add readable comments to encoded files for custom copyright, license details etc.
    • Have custom messages and custom handling when files expire or aren’t permissioned to run.


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The Encoder is available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and OS X.

Exclusive for Outshine Labs Students:

Get a Student Discount of 50% at licensing fees for ionCube

All our registered students can get 50% discount when they order ionCube licence through ionCube website. Visit to purchase.

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