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Unemployment is a serious problem today and the global recession has made the situation worse. In India, there is a significant problem of unemployment and to make matters worse, there is the lack of skilled individuals who fit the job profile. It is indeed serious situation that a major portion of the unemployed population is in-fact the individuals who have a very good or exceptional academic record. So, what went wrong? Did what they studied in college was all worthless and of no consequence? These are the question that most of them ask.

We, at Outshine Labs analyzed that today’s competitive and challenging professions require a few extra skills in the candidates. Having a good score or a number of academic certificates does not necessarily makes you eligible for the job, at-least not anymore. There are in fact a large number of vacancies in the IT Industry available even today, but they are still vacant because of apparent lack of candidates that ‘fit’ the job description perfectly. Their knowledge of Information Technology and the practices is either zero or insufficient and outdated. The real world implementation of Software Development Life Cycles or the Object Oriented Programming is more challenging and ever evolving unlike the written text in the books that probably stays the same for a few years. And by the time the books get updated, the practices and paradigms and the technology have evolved to a completely different level. This doesn’t mean that we completely undermine the knowledge from books. Theoretical knowledge in fact gives an understanding into the core concepts of technology.

How can one bridge this gap between the academics and real world?

Outshine Labs’ training program will help you in achieving the objective of developing the necessary skills and getting decent jobs. Our training programs focus on providing and developing the thorough understanding of the modern IT processes and technologies by having a hands on experience with the technologies and methodologies. You will be given opportunity to work on real time projects from real world organizations. There will be actual deadlines, working teams etc,. i.e. a complete work environment of a company.

How is the program different from others?

Well, the training under the program is free. We only charge a nominal fee for the application form. Other than that, you are not required to spend on training expenses for the program. The trainers are technology experts from the industry with a good experience and an appreciable track record.

Why go for Outshine Labs?

We provide an environment of working in a real company. The trainees will be working in teams and the teams will be responsible for the development, delivery, testing and maintenance of the projects. Trainees will get firsthand experience of how the rest of their lives as professionals would be and will thus develop confidence and skills that would enable them to represent themselves in much better manner while appearing for interviews for their desired jobs.

And if that does not catch your attention, we give a placement guarantee to all the candidates selected for the program! That should definitely have raised an interest!

The applications for the program are open. You can apply for the courses by visiting this link.

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