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What is Google adsense?

Adsense from Google is an advertising program that allows anyone to post ads at his website by adding small HTML code that allows ads to appear on his site. It is an easy way for webmasters or bloggers to make money with their sites.

How advertising at Google works?

Let’s say on one side is an advertiser who wants to advertise his products or services. He contacts Google to show his ads in Google search pages. Such ads are displayed at the right side of the Google search result pages. Google does not charge the advertiser for posting the ads instead, it charges when a visitor clicks that ad and thus taking the visitor to the product or services page. Thus, Google makes money through advertisement. google-adsense-2

The following screenshot shows the ad from an advertiser posted at the right side of Google search result pages.


Where does Adsense comes in?

Not everyone clicks on the advertisements in the Search Engines result pages. They click on the websites links in the search results. That takes the visitor to such sites. This is where your website come in. The webmaster or the administrators of the website can provide space to post ads and ask Google to post ads in that space. Google then provides HTML code for the ad to the site administrator which they can add to the code of their website to post ads relative to the content of their website. Google then charges the advertiser per click on the ad and shares that cost with the website administrators or owners.



The following screenshot is from a website that has posted ads by Google.

adsence 4

The ads are from different advertisers and clicking on these would take the visitor to the advertiser’s website. ‘Ads by Google’ specifies that these ads have been posted by Google. Thus, Google pays you for bringing the visitor to the advertiser’s website and, Google shares the revenue generated per click for this ad with the website that has posted the ad. Thus, instead of going through the advertisements at the Google ads, the visitors can go to the website that posts the relevant content as the visitors are searching.

This is how Google Adsense helps website owners to generate revenues from posting ads to their websites.

 How can you earn Money with Google Adsense?

Signing up for Adsense program is quite simple and easy, however, getting approved is not. You need to have a stable and working website or blog which must be at least 6 months old and is updated regularly and getting good traffic. After signing up for Google Adsense account it requires the approval to continue with posting ads and generating revenue.

Meanwhile you should get working on increasing the traffic to you website, because the amount of traffic to the website will determine the amount of revenue generated. They key for success with Google Adsense is keyword research and targeted traffic. The beginners should focus on long tail keywords, so that it can generate a decent amount of traffic to the website or blog. Using carefully planned keywords, you can get targeted traffic to your website.

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