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Full Scholarship to candidates

All the courses and training provided at Outshine labs are full scholarship based which means that, selected candidates don’t have to pay any kind of fee to undertake it. Scholarships are provided to cover all the training expenses so that trainees can focus entirely on training.

The candidates shortlisted for the admission will be allowed full scholarship for the training program. We have seen that education industry has been monetized in India which resulted in the deterioration of quality of education. Our aim is to develop efficient and skilled online marketers and software developers  that can play their part in bridging the gap between the job description and candidate skills and thus eradicating the problem of unemployment from India.

Outshine Labs currently offers two kind of courses which cater to the needs of unemployed graduates in India.

  • Digital Marketing Courses for Non- technology or general Graduates and working professionals.
  • Software Development Training (Java, PHP, .NET) for Technology graduates and working professionals.

There is huge need for manpower in India still there is so much unemployment. What is the reason behind it? The reason is the lack of skilled manpower. There is huge gap between what industry needs and what Indian education system teaches. This is where Outshine Labs comes into play. We train candidates exactly at par with what companies need.

Thus, considering the enormous potential and lack of skilled individuals that match the job requirements perfectly, Outshine Labs has taken the responsibility to help individuals develop their software development and digital marketing skills.

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