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Optimize your wordpress website for you audience and not for google

There are virtually millions of websites developed and running on wordpress and when it comes to promoting it, SEO is one of the things that must be focused on among others. Optimizing the website such that it ranks better in the Search Engines so it gets displayed among the top search is necessary. And as the web robots are getting smarter each day, optimizing and promoting the website is becoming challenging and trickier every day. But there is one thing that they always advocate – is the posting content that is relevant to the audience and not just posted for impressing the web robots to get the website rank higher.

Do it right from start

Understand the SEO process as you continue developing your site. SEO is a process that requires patience and time. You won’t get higher ranking overnight. You need to understand the SEO process, gather and understand the tools that would make your job easier and plan the content accordingly. Keep the design clean, use nice fonts and images and use wordpress themes with good coding.

Setup Goals

There is virtually no limit to the extent of the things you can do to improve your website and its ranking and trying to ‘fry the big fish’ can lose your focus. So, start by setting some quantifiable and reachable goals. You can have a specific ranking for your keywords, a targeted number of incoming links to your site etc. Start with the goals that you can achieve in a specified period.


Just because you think that a keyword suits you website does not makes it the ideal one. Research keywords properly to see if they are best fit for your business. While you are at it you should keep in mind that the keywords be balanced in terms of Global Monthly Searches, Competition and CPC. Keywords with decent global monthly searches, high CPC and low competition are the best ones.

URL structure

The default SEO page URL has question mark followed by a series of numbers or characters that are gibberish to search engines. You should use seo friendly URLs, which can be generated by changing a setting in your wordpress dashboard to generate SEO friendly URLs.

Title Tags

Title tags are shown in browser title ans used by google in search engine result pages and it would be the first thing that a visitor notices first in the website. So, make sure that your title tag is compelling and unique. You can also add the keywords to the starting of the title tag.

Meta Description

Meta description can increase or decrease your click through rate. Place keywords to the beginning of it and make each of them unique.


This is the most important part of your website. How you present this part makes the whole difference as the content is one of the most important factor for getting good ranking in search engines. Make sure that you write for people, not for search engines because you need the attention of your audience. They will know that you are genuine.

Search engine are smart enough to notice if you over optimize the content. Use the keywords and place them optimally in the content.

Internal Linking

It is a common practice for SEO to add links to other pages in the article to enhance the navigation between pages. It also keeps visitor engaged as they can move between articles and this will keep them longer on your site.


Indexing the pages from your website can become faster in search engines if you have a XML sitemap. There are plugins available for wordpress that can create XML sitemaps within minutes. Keep the sitemaps always updated.

Getting Links

If the link for your website is present at other websites that have a good traffic ranking and reputation, then things will be better for you. Every link counts, even if it is from a site with low ranking. Work on getting the link to your website posted to other decent websites. Sites like google+ and allow you to have backlinks to your site that send link juice and improve your site ranking.

You can also get into guest blogging at other websites to get backlinks to your website. Additionally, add your website to major directories like Yahoo, Dmoz, Botw etc.

Giving Links Out

Posting the links of other websites might not be an actual SEO technique, but it has its advantages.

1)      It will provide more resources to your readers that they might find useful and possibly subscribe to your posts.

2)      When you give outgoing links to other people and send traffic there, they might appreciate and return the favor by posting your links, commenting on your articles etc.

The concept of Over-Optimizing

Optimizing a website for search engines is beneficial, but over optimizing it might do worse than it does well. Avoid creating text content especially for search engines and do not use the same keyword a lot in a text. In order to get links from every site possible, do not overlook the fact that there might be some web sites or pages that are posting spam or are likely to get penalized by search engines. Such act would lead to the decrease in reputation and possible penalty too. Do not create different pages which target similar keywords with slight variations and use authentic and non spammy titles for your articles.

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