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How Outshine Labs is better than others

There are thousands of institutes which provide trainings and it’s always confusing for a candidate to decide which institutes should he join or not. Everybody is selling his courses to be the best and latest in the market. While this might be true the basic problem lies with the methodology with which the institutes functions.
We should understand why a candidate opts for training courses. Primarily because he wants a jump in his career and to get a good job in the industry. That being said all other institutes just provides training without any idea of how to provide a job to the candidate. Providing a job to the candidates is the biggest challenge in today’s marketplace. All other institutes including bigger names is struggling with this problem and thus they guarantee 100% placement assistance. 100% placement assistance itself says that it does not guarantee a job. It just guarantees assistance in placement. Many candidates get mislead by this term and join their institutes and after completing the courses they still remain in the same situation they were before joining the courses.
At Outshine labs, we have analysed that situation and thus have come with with a training institute which will ensure that all the admitted candidate gets a job. Providing a good job to candidate is our main objective. This is why Outshine Labs has been started.

Apart from that Outshine Labs has many advantages which other institutes done have:

Others Outshine Labs
Other Institute provides theoretical knowledge which is more or less equivalent to bookish knowledge. Latest or up to date courses does not help if the teaching pattern is same as before On the other hand, We provide real life working experience with real working knowledge. Our methodology is entirely different which helps candidates to learn the skills by doing it.
Other institutes guarantees 100% jobs assistance guarantee which should not be mistaken with 100% job guarantee. Job assistance means you may or may not get a job and the institutes will just help you in getting a job. Outshine Labs has been started with a aim to provide jobs to all joined candidates. Our admissions, trainings, methodologies are thus modified in order to ensure that all the selected candidates can get jobs.
Training in other institutes are provided by faculties. How can a faculty train you for industry when is not actively a part of industry? At Outshine Labs, Our candidates are trained by industry professional who are actively employed in companies thus ensuring that candidates get real skills which is required in the industries.
No significant scholarships are provided Provide free training through scholarships to help meritorious candidates get the benefit
Anybody with money can get admission Only candidates who have cleared exams or has good grades can get admission
Others Outshine Labs

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