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Help Desk application

To provide our trainees with excellent foundation and knowledge, we provide opportunity to work on real project with real clients. All our trainees work on real projects and products which is  being used in the industry  to improve their knowledge and development skills. As result of this our trainees have created many innovative products and applications. One such application created by our trainees is Help desk  which is currently being used by more than 700 companies.

Apart from help desk applications, our trainees have created many different open source softwares and business intelligence API’s.  This methodology of training  improves the knowledge of a candidate and equips them with enough confidence to compete with the best in the industry.  Since our trainees have already worked for clients and have a strong set of skills, they are among the most preferred candidates for hiring.

Outshine Labs provides free training for its training courses, which means that the admitted candidates don’t have to pay any course fee for training. Browse our courses and Apply Now.

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