Free Training Advantage

Outshine Labs provides ‘free training’ to the selected candidates. The concept of ‘free training’ is enough to raise some eyebrows. People might think that we have some hidden agenda behind offering ‘free training’; there is probably some hidden cost included because there are no free lunches.

We do have an agenda, but we would like to share it with you. Outshine Labs is an initiative from Outshine Group, which is a group of companies that are devoted to Digital Marketing and Application Development. Therefore, there is always the requirement of skilled individuals to work on the projects.

What’s in for us?

It takes a lot of effort and expenses to conduct a recruitment process to recruit the job-fit candidates and finding the perfect candidate becomes finding a needle in a haystack.

Outshine Labs training program’s objective is to give the right professional training to the candidates to equip them to work on any kind of project easily and seamlessly. This training program will create a new class of professionals who would have good experience, and are technically and professionally strong to compete with the best in the industry.

We aim at hiring the home trained population for various projects undertaken by the companies under Outshine Group umbrella. However, this doesn’t make it mandatory for the candidates to work with us after completing the program. The candidates have the choice to either work with us or they can search for jobs as they will be perfectly equipped with the skills required. They will carry forward the name of Outshine Labs and their work would project Outshine Labs as the provider of the best professional training.

What’s in for you?

  • You get the training from the industry experts and get a chance to learn how the Digital Marketing and Software Development works.
  • Since you don’t have to pay for any training, you don’t have to think about making an investment that might give you nothing in return.
  • You get immediate job after completing the training.

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