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Btech and still searching for a job? Act smart

So you are a tech graduate and still searching for a job? You know why getting a job seems so difficult for freshers in India? Because there is a huge gap between what industry requires and what Indian colleges teaches us.You don’t have enough skills to get a proper and nice paying jobs. 1 out of 10 candidates gets successful in grabbing a job and remaining 9, prepare for the next interview.

If the situation is so bad, do you still plan to find the job you have been looking for using below methods?

-> Ask family and friends to help for your job

-> Make online contacts are social media sites etc and asking for references etc.

-> Approaching your ideal company directly through a recruitment ad or regular follow up

-> Join internships

-> Traditional job hunting through newspapers, jobs portal etc.

This is a normal pattern which 90% of candidates follow when they search for the job. Almost every IT graduate takes software development as his first choice of career, which makes it highly competitive and without the right set of skills and knowledge you might end up being one of those 9 who fail to get the job. There are often a few who decide to go for higher studies in the hope of getting some ‘better’ job with higher education like M. tech or MBA etc. While some get what they want many still do not get job and wonder if the decision of higher education was wrong. And there are many among those who have got jobs in some other domains who want to switch back to software development. But all these 90% candidates keep searching and continuously try their luck to get a job.

Either you continue your job search the traditional way or Act smart and secure a job immediately.

If you are among the individuals described above, you can join Outshine Labs’ Training Program in Software Development  to make a career in Software Development and secure a job.  The program focuses on providing training based on industry standards and then providing you a guaranteed job after the completion of the training. There is no fees for the training program and yes! No hidden charges either. Act Smart and forget traditional way to search a job, Join Outshine Labs Now.

The Big Plan!

The training program aims are teaching you the concepts of Software Development and make you work on real projects to provide you practical exposure to Software Development, like an expert. As you progress and develop your programming skills, you will advance in the responsibilities and role in the application development domain. You begin by working on small applications and gradually migrate to working on Enterprise projects and consistently enhancing your skills.

After successful completion of training, you will get job with one of our partner companies. You will join as an Associate Software Developer and advance to Senior Developer and later up to Project Manager. Your Salary packages might vary from Rs.2,00,000 to Rs.30.00,000 per annum depending upon your skills and expertise and for the ‘exceptional’ software developers, there is virtually no ceiling to how much they can earn.

For Program Details, Click here.

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