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Outshine Labs is the only organization in India which provides free professional training and 100% jobs to all the trained candidates. We ensure that all the selected candidates who are trained at Outshine Labs get all the essential knowledge to compete with the best in the industry.

We provide certificate to candidates who complete courses at Outshine Labs. However, Outshine Labs courses is much more than diploma or certificates. Outshine Labs has been started with a vision to build unemployment free India. Our mission is to provide a job to every candidate who completes the training at Outshine Labs. We provide rigorous training to make all our trainees best in their field so that they can feel confident and compete with the best in industry.

We offer 100% placement to all the successful trainees in the program. However, we also keep a constant watch on our network and inform our trainees about the opportunities. This process ensures that all our trainees have at least one job offer in hand when they complete their training, many trainees even have more than one job offers.

All our trainers belong to the industry which means that they are working in the industry as developers, marketers, architects, projects managers, tech leads etc. We think a real practitioner can train better about the industry standards than a teacher who is not actively involved in the industry. They have years of experience in IT industry and thus can provide much better insights than others.

Training program is a full time program that is based on classroom teaching with practical hands on experience on real-time live projects. The training will be provided at our Noida center.

Yes. We give diploma after completion of the training. Also, after successful completion of the training, the trainees will be issued an ‘Experience Certificate’ as well as a job offer from the industry.

Unlike other companies where the live projects means just a dummy project with no responsibility and accountability, our live project means working on real projects for real clients with responsibility and accountability. The live project training provides trainees the working experience of actual real world projects from real clients. The trainees will work in designated teams supervised by a Project Manager. The teams will be assigned an expert mentor to guide them through the project. The project will be real, the deadlines and the pressure to meet those will be real.

Work environment will be similar to that in an IT company. The objective of the training is to make the trainees familiar and adaptable to the environment they will be working in future.

Our batch sizes vary from time to time based on our jobs providing capacity and other factors. Since we assure jobs to all the trained candidates, we talk to our member companies about the number of people they require for their companies and we collect the number of requirements from all our allied companies. We keep our batch sizes exactly on the basis of number of requirements they have so that each candidates can get a job by the time they complete their training.  This method ensures that all the candidates who are selected for the training have a approved job just at the time they start their training. At present, we are planning to keep the batch size to a manageable strength of close to 100 candidates.

Yes you can. You will be with us for the duration of the day. Every team will be mentored by an expert who will be supported by other expert trainers associated with the program. You can approach them anytime.

It totally depends on your interests and choices. If you are non technical graduate we would suggest to go Digital Marketing Training and if you are a tech graduate you should go for software development training. Again in software development training you can choose you preferred technology. We currently support 3 technologies i.e. PHP, .NET and JAVA.

After successful completion of training, you will get jobs from our allied companies. List of which is updated on our companies page. click here to check allied companies list.

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