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Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing is a branch of marketing where you have to market, promote and do brandings  for a product or company on internet. Everything is done through internet so no field work is involved.  It includes promotion, advertising, communicating with the customers and selling the products online and creating brand awareness.

The training program is of duration of 6 months that will cover class room training with experience of working on real projects with real client interaction for complete exposure.

To enroll in any of our programs, you just have to register online and complete your application form details. Once completed  you will get the details of your examination which you can appear for to get admissions at Outshine Labs. View this page for application process and to apply .

This course is a proper marketing course and does not require any sort of technical knowledge to start with. however if you already have technical knowledge that is what going to separate you from others in positive way. However, a perfect marketer still needs some technical knowledge to stay ahead from others and those skill will be taught to you during the training.

Since Outshine Labs is non profit organization started with a vision to build unemployment free India, the training is absolutely free . The only payment you will ever make for the program will be the payment of examination fee.  There are not hidden charges also whatsoever.

No we don’t have online system of teaching yet. We believe nothing can compare equivalent for one to one teaching which is provided by experts and hard core professionals.

You can pay admission fee either through bank transfer or through mail or courier. You get get more idea about payment methods on this page. Click here to know more.

We provide 100% placement to the trainees undertaking any of our training programs in Software Development and Digital Marketing. Predicting exact salary for anyone is quite difficult as salary depends on personal skills as well as other factors. We always ensure and try hard to provide best packages to our trainees and our trainees generally gets an average package of not less than Rs. 200,000 per year under any situation.

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