Providing Jobs to the Unemployed



Job Assurance

jobassuranceThere are many Training Institutes in India which provide professional IT training but what makes us different is our vision and our methodology.

What comes to your mind when training institute talks about Jobs? Obviously, a hope that you will get a job after completing courses. Although every training institute provides placement assistance but unfortunately very few get a job after completion of courses.

Unlike other institutes, Outshine Labs understands the importance of a job and that is why has been started with a vision to build unemployment free India. We provide jobs to all the selected candidates without any conditions apply factor. In-fact, when you qualify for the training at Outshine Labs, a job has already been reserved for you at that that instant.

That being said, training at Outshine Labs is the best thing you can opt for. Either you keep searching for jobs by going from one company to other or just get yourself trained at Outshine Labs, build your skills and get a pre approved job offer without  any tension.

Candidates trained at Outshine Labs get a job either at Outshine Group companies or its partners or allied companies. By the time you finish your training, you’ll have gained enough knowledge to crack interviews at most of the companies and rest assured you will be qualified to compete with the best in your target industry in your experience range.

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