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Corporate Environment

corporate-environmentThere are many Training Institutes in India which provide professional IT training but what makes us different is our vision and our methodologies.

How do you imagine a training institute? Obviously an institute where you go, sit with other students and trainer instructs you. Unlike conventional educational training centers we do not believe in proving theoretical training with some experience on a live project.

Outshine Labs has changed the rules of the game. Unlike other training institutes, we don’t just limit ourselves just to provide theoretical lectures, We provide corporate environment to all our trainees. Once the theoretical  knowledge transfer has been done, our trainees work with real team of professionals for real clients for a complete career growth.They get the real feel about work culture, responsibilities, client communications, deadlines, fun activities and everything.

It is the result of this initiative that our trainees have developed  products like Help Desk application , licensing API’s, Scrapers and other applications. Because of this initiative, our trainees are better equipped with knowledge to compete with the best in the industry..

The trainees will experience the corporate work environment, deadlines etc., which will help them to develop the persistence and skills that are needed to excel in the industry. One of the benefits of this initiative will be that the trainees will get the opportunities to interact and learn from the actual practitioners from the industry which will allow them to develop a better understanding of the working of a company and the concerned departments.

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