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Outshine Labs is a non profit professional training division of Outshine Group with a focus on providing high end technical training and jobs to deserving ambitious candidates. We provide free training to qualified candidates and provide jobs upon successful completion of training.

Outshine Labs is the only organization in India which provides free professional training and 100% jobs to all the trained candidates. We ensure that all the selected candidates who are trained at Outshine Labs gain essential knowledge to compete with the best in the industry.


– Our Vision is to build an Unemployment Free India.

– To eradicate the curse of unemployment from India by producing highly qualified & trained hard core industry professionals.

– To become the best professional training institute of the country which produces highly trained hard core industry professionals.

– To improve the quality of Education in India.


Our mission is to help

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candidates to learn and develop industry specific IT and related skills by providing real time corporate work environment to the trainees where they have to work on hard core software applications and technologies, interact with clients, gather requirements and create documents and reports .

Advantages Of Outshine Labs?

1. Trained By Industry Experts

Training in Outshine labs is provided by the company and industry experts who are working on the same technologies on which the candidates would be trained. We believe that an industry professionals are generally much more aware about the latest technologies and challenges that industry faces, thus all our training is provided by hard core professionals. No exceptions!

2. Hands-on Experience.

Along with learning the theoretical concepts, our trainees work on real projects for actual clients. The trainees get the opportunity to work in teams that are supervised by a mentor and supported by other experts on the technology and the project. There are deadlines to meet, reports to be prepared, codes to be written and the trainees experience it all as a general employee of the company will experience. As they advance, they are given additional responsibilities in the project. This is how they proceed and gradually evolve into experts. We encourage multitasking in our trainees so they get experience of handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

3. Remedy for Professional Hiccups.

Problems and hurdles are to be expected when a newbie works on high end technology and applications. Don’t worry. There will always be someone to make sure you don’t stumble and fall. We understand that every expert started as a newbie. We give every support and help needed by the trainees. Even after you leave us, we are always there to help you at times of your professional ‘hiccups’.

4. 100% Jobs guarantee.

Outshine Labs is an endeavor of Outshine Group which is a group of companies dedicated to application development services and consulting services. So, there is always the need of capable and skilled professionals; ‘outshiners’, we call them. Therefore, placement is a matter of absolute no worry. We guarantee to provide placement to every candidate in the program. They will be working for companies under the Outshine Group umbrella or the partner companies of Outshine Group who hires from our labs. This way, you won’t have to worry about the placements and you might possibly be working with the same team you had already been working with during your training.

5. 100% Scholarships.

Outshine Labs has been opened for a social cause with a vision to make an unemployment free India. Since, Outshine Labs is professional training division of Outshine Group and all the courses are funded by Outshine Group and partner companies, So all the selected candidates can get the training free of cost.

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